Bill 15,511-08: House of Representatives’ Committee on Treasury approves bill in general

On January 3, 2023, at the 75th Session of the House of Representatives’ Committee on Treasury, the general discussion of Bill 15,511-08 was concluded as the Bill was put to a vote. The Representatives in attendance approved the Bill in general with six votes in favor and three abstentions.

Thus, the bill was sent to the House of Representatives for its review, discussion and vote. Representative Ricardo Cifuentes Lillo was appointed as reporter representative of the initiative.

As guest to the Committee session, the following officials will attend :

  • The Minister of Mining, Ms. Marcela Hernando Pérez.
  • The Head of the Legal Division of the Ministry of Mining, Mr. Pedro Aguiló Bascuñán.
  • The President of the Association of Regional Governors of Chile (AGORECHI) and Regional Governor of Antofagasta, Mr. Ricardo Díaz.
  • The Vice president of the Association of Municipalities of Northern Chile (AMUNOCHI) and Mayor of María Elena, Mr. Omar Norambuena Rivera.

Review here the procedure before the House of Representatives.