Bill 15,511-08 passes to House of Representatives’ Committee on Treasury

After its general approval by the Mining Committee of the House of Representatives, Bill 15,511-08 passed to the House of Representatives’ Committee on Treasury. The Committee is scheduled to meet on Wednesday January 4, 2023 at 10:45 am.

As guest to the Committee session, the following officials will attend :

  • The Minister of the Treasury, Mr. Mario Marcel Culell.
  • The Minister of Mining, Ms. Marcela Hernando Pérez.
  • The President of the Association of Regional Governors of Chile, Mr. Patricio Vallespín López.
  • The Regional Governor of Antofagasta, señor Ricardo Díaz.
  • The Executive Secretary of the Regional Governors of Chile Association, Mr. Jaime Pilowsky Greene.
  • The Executive Director of the Association of Municipalities of Northern Chile, Ms. Sandra Pastenes Muñoz.

Review the summon here.