Annual Mining License

For the purposes of determining the staggered increase in the amount of the annual mining license for exploitation mining concessions that are not being worked, the years in which the benefit of the reduced license was obtained shall not be counted.

In order to extend the benefit of the reduced mining license to the advanced geological exploration of the exploitation mining concessions, the concept of “mining site” (of the Mining Safety Regulation) shall be changed to “mining operation” (of the Mine Closure Law), which makes it possible to recognise as work, for the purposes of the reduction, mining activities from advanced geological exploration to the closure of the site.

A third hypothesis of a reduced patent applicable to the small mining segment shall be introduced: those owners whose exploitation mining concessions have not started mining operations but who have any of the permits established in Title XV of the Mining Safety Regulations in process may apply, for one time only, for a mining license of 1/10 UTM per hectare.

* UTM (“Unidad Tributaria Mensual”) is a Chilean monthly unit of account for tax and penalty purposes, updated according to inflation.

The National Geology and Mining Service (Sernageomin) obligation to publish on January 15 of each year the list of properties subject to the payment of discounted patents shall be eliminated.