Change of Datum

References to the SIRGAS datum with respect to U.T.M. coordinates in the Mining Code shall be deleted, leaving this matter to the Mining Code Regulation.

Likewise, the procedure for changing the datum established in Law 21,420 shall be eliminated.

As a consequence of the elimination of the procedure for changing the datum contemplated in the transitory norms of Law 21,420, the cause for the expiry of mining concessions due to the lack of registration of the new coordinates in the SIRGAS datum shall be eliminated.

A rule of general application is established -at the Mining Code- with the procedure by which the transformation of the coordinates of existing concessions shall be carried out in case of a change of datum by the Mining Code Regulation.

It is provided that the registration of the new coordinates of mining concessions, in the event of a change of datum, shall be done only in the National Registry of Mining Concessions kept by the National Geology and Mining Service (Sernageomin), thus facilitating the procedure and avoiding unnecessary costs.